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  LinkAssistant  -  Version  4.11.1

Effortless link building - myth or reality? LinkAssistant makes it real! Grab the highly effective SEO tool and see how fast and easy acquiring backlinks becomes. Besides the hot-new interface design (yes, LinkAssistant has just gotten even 'sexier' and easier to navigate), here is what makes it so special: - It uses the total of 6 link partner search methods to make sure you find each and every RELEVANT site in the niche; - It offers personal-sounding and 100% ADJUSTABLE link exchange email templates to win the hearts of your link partners; - It's geared with a sleek BUILT-IN email client, which lets you easily manage correspondence with the link partners; - It allows you to check and verify links placed to your site at any time to make sure no partner is cheating you and you're receiving FULL SEO value from your backlinks; - It builds an EYE-PLEASING directory of your links and lets you upload it to your site via FTP right from within the SEO tool. Besides, it is equipped with advanced search safety mechanisms (proxy rotation, human emulation, etc.), which means your link building never unnerves the search engines and you can work without blocks and interruptions. Still in doubt? Try it out! Experience the might and power of LinkAssistant today - begin your free trial now!

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