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NTFS Partition File Recovery 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  69  | Last Update:  February 20, 2014  

NTFS Partition File Recovery tool retrieves crashed wallpapers

Audio Converter 2.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  15.99  | Last Update:  April 29, 2009  

Audio Converter can convert between all popular audio files such as MP3, WAV, WM

MP3 Sound Recording Software 1.02 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  39.95  | Last Update:  December 31, 2008  

Audio music recorder utility can record sound to file from multimedia software

Threedef 1.0.43 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  10.95  | Last Update:  March 11, 2005  

Use the 9 key pad to access your music. Fast. Dial the name. Hit Play. Boogie.

MadTracker 2.0.9 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  40  | Last Update:  May 24, 2001  

MadTracker is a new 32-bit tracker for Windows. Enjoy a windowed FastTracker-like interface with the power of Impulse Tracker and even more!...

WinMOD 1.1 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  2  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A small utility that can be run in the background of Windows and will not interfer with any other open programs. It can play .xm and .mod. music files...

PlayIT 0.1 beta 2 
License:  Shareware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A module player for Impulse Tracker (IT), Fast Tracker II (XM), Scream Tracker (S3M), MTM and MOD files. Resonant filtering of Impulse Tracker is one ...

MODPlug Player 1.42 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A freeware 32-bit digital sound player that supports well over a dozen digital sound formats. Besides the .mod format you'd expect by the program's na...

Module Lab 4.7 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Module Lab is a Module Editor and Player....

Free IT to XM converter 1.0 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

XM to IT converter is programm to convert Impulse Tracker modules to Fast Tracker modules. All instruments and effects converts correctly. Try it....

Modwy 1.00 Beta 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A module player written with CBuilder. It recognizes .MOD and .S3M files. The user interface speaks either French or English depending on the host sys...

qMOD 1.60 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A Module Player for Win95/98, it playes .MOD, .S3M, .XM, and .IT modules. Includes PlayList support, and loads multiple files at once....

K/oS MusicManiac 2.0 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A FREEWARE module-player for MOD, S3M, XM and IT modules. Not only does it provide high-quality playback of modules, it offers also many features like...

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