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 Information Management Tools - Personal Information Managers


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 ISG Password Controller  -  Version

Password Controller is a password management application. It was designed to make it easier to sign on to websites without being required to remember your user name, password and other relevant information for each website!

Today there are so many websites and it seems like every day there's another website we're using. Rather than try to remember your user names and passwords or keep a list of them some where which could potentially be unsecure and unsafe, Password Controller allows you to safely and securely organize your website accounts by categories.

One of the unique features of Password Controller is it's grid view, which allows you to sort by column headings, filter by category and even search for an account by account name or any part of the account name.

It also supports multiple users. If you have more than one person using your computer as long as they have a separate Windows user account that they sign on to Windows with, they can also use Password Controller. The first time they use it they will need to create a User Name and Password and then simply add some categories and then add website accounts.

Also included is an option to Print/Print Preview a Report of all accounts you've setup. Another nice feature is the ability to Backup the database. Import and Export are also supported so you have the ability to import from CSV files as well as export to CSV, TEXT and XML files.

Password Controller is Shareware! This means you can download and use it for a limited time free!

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Platforms Windows 2000Windows 95Windows 98Windows XP
File Size 4553 KB
File Date 11/3/2012
License Shareware
Price $19.95
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Expires After 30
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Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 11/9/2012