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 Lumisoft UI Controls  -  Version  1.1

when using Lumisoft’s UI Controls 0.11, developers can
choose from over a dozen basic flat controls and add
them to their Windows Forms applications. The library
includes the following controls:

· Label
· Button
· ToolBar
· EditBox
· SpinEdit
· ComboBox
· CheckBox
· PictureBox
· TabControl
· OutlookBar
· DateTimePicker

With this library, developers can quickly add controls
to their applications that would normally involve much
more work. For example, developers can take advantage
of ButtonEdit, which is the combination of an EditBox
and a Button. Other examples of controls this library
offers to developers include SpinEdit and OutlookBar

However, the library seems somewhat buggy. For
example, the code generated when dragging a control
(specifically, the wFrame type) onto a Form will not
compile: it inserts obsolete code that contains a
typographical error.

The controls can be configured using the Property tab
in Visual Studio .NET, but lack the more advanced
WYSIWYG design-time support offered by other control
libraries. The code of the library is written in C#.
The controls lack databinding capabilities. Some
properties don’t seem to have any effect. Limited to
one style, unlike other libraries. The toolbar cannot
float in applications; namely, it is not dockable.

Program Details
Publisher Name Component Spot
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Platforms Windows 95 - Windows 98 - Windows ME - Windows NT 3.x - Windows NT 4.x - Windows 2000 - Windows XP
File Size 1767 KB
File Date 10/16/2003
License Freeware
Price $
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Expires After 0
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Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 4/1/2004