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 PEERNET.DRV eBMP  -  Version  5.0

PEERNET.DRV eBMP driver is ideal for programming,
document imaging, and electronic document delivery.
This product converts Microsoft Windows documents into
high-quality serialized or multi-page BMP image files.
(Trial key required)

Do you need to

i) save a file in the native file format of your
operating system?
ii) create basic .BMP image files?
iii) distribute the files electronically?

If you answered yes, PEERNET.DRV eBMP 5.0 is your

This cost-effective product offers:
i) Creation of four types of .BMP files:
a. Black and white
b. 16-color
c. 256-color
d. 24-bit true color
ii) Automation-Simplify and speed up your work by
a. Creating a draft email message with the new image
file already attached, for quick and simple
b. Automating output filenames and locations, to
eliminate system prompts for these items
c. Opening new image files automatically - in the
default image viewer or in another program-as soon as
the file is created
iii) Virus-free email distribution - Guarantee that
recipients receive virus-free files, even if the
source file or computer has a virus
iv) Flexibility - the driver also supports the native
language of your operating system: English, German,
Japanese-or any other language
v) For basic document imaging and electronic document
delivery, choose the cost-effective PEERNET eBMP.

Program Details
Publisher Name PEERNET Support
Publisher Mail Click here to send a mail to the publisher
Software Home Page
Platforms Windows 95 - Windows 98 - Windows ME - Windows NT 4.x - Windows 2000 - Windows XP
File Size 7627 KB
File Date 11/11/2002
License Commercial Demo
Price $59.95
Expires On
Expires After 30
Other Expiration Info An evaluation key must be requested after the download has been completed.
Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 6/4/2004