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 Magento 2 Restrict zip code  -  Version  2

The E-commerce platform is meant to reach the global platform. However, owing to the reasons like government rules, offering products to local customers only, or managing shipping costs, the store owner may want to restrict orders based on the location.

As far as Magento 2 is concerned, there is no such default functionality and hence Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 Restrict Zip Codes extension.

The extension prompts the user to enter their zip code and check the delivery availability for the same in the zip code CSV. If the delivery is available, the estimated delivery time is displayed. If not, a custom message restricting the user to place the order is shown.

Benefits of Magento 2 Restrict Zip Codes:

* The extension restricts the customers to place an order based on the zip codes.
* Show the estimated delivery time with the delivery availability message
* Show a custom message that asks for zip code to check the delivery availability.
* Show custom messages for the order availability or unavailability to the customers.
* The admin can delete the existing zip codes when uploading a new zip codes CSV.
* The admin can upload the allowed zip codes and estimated delivery time using the CSV.
* Sample CSV available in the admin panel.
* Add the estimated delivery time with the allowed zip codes in the CSV file.
* Two display types for the zip code checker – Inline forms and popup
• Offers a separate grid for adding and managing allowed zip codes.
• Allows the admin to add zip code information from the “Manage Allowed Zip Codes” grid.

* Option to export the CSV of already added zip codes.
* The users can add the zip code from the frontend to check the order availability using the inline form zip code checker
* On the click of the "Check" button. the custom message for the order availability or unavailability is shown.

* The user has to enter the zip code in the popup zip code checker to check the order availability for their location.
* The customer can see the estimated delivery time if enabled and added in the CSV.
* If the order delivery is unavailable, the custom message for the same is displayed.
* This message restricts the user to place the order.

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Program Details
Publisher Name meetanshi
Publisher Mail Click here to send a mail to the publisher
Software Home Page
Platforms Windows 2000Windows 3.xWindows 95Windows 98Windows CE 1.0Windows CE 2.0Windows MEWindows NT 3.xWindows NT 4.xWindows XP
File Size 2 KB
File Date 9/21/2020
License Commercial Demo
Price $45
Expires On
Expires After 0
Other Expiration Info
Install/Uninstall Support Please, select an Installation Type
Record Update 9/21/2020