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 The ABC and letters at random Lite  -  Version  1

English Alphabet with Music is a teaching karaoke-program.
Karaoke type exercises guarantee 100% memorization!
You'll remember the letters as well as the lyrics of your favourite song!

English Alphabet with Music is the undoubtedly unique program that has set the letters to original musical compositions.

We have set English to music!

Now karaoke is not only great fun, but a powerful and natural way to remember words!

The letters are presented both alphabetically and randomly.

The program is for those who want to learn both the English alphabet and the names of the letters presented randomly.

There are three types of exercises in the program:

TYPE 1 - Exercises 1 and 4: listen and try to remember
TYPE 2 - Exercises 2 and 5: listen, repeat and try to remember.
TYPE 3 - Exercises 3 and 6: name the letter and check yourself.

Exercises 1-3: the letters are presented in alphabetical order.
Exercises 4-6: the letters are in random order.

Each exercise has six types of presentation:

The Lite Version of English Alphabet with Music is free. Limitation: one type of presentation for each exercise.

Fast and easily you'll learn letters displayed and pronounced rhythmically to different musical accompaniments.

Program Details
Publisher Name Filevskii Nikolai, Sole Proprietor
Publisher Mail Click here to send a mail to the publisher
Software Home Page
Platforms Windows 2000Windows XP
File Size 93369 KB
File Date 3/21/2015
License Freeware
Price $0
Expires On
Expires After 0
Other Expiration Info
Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 3/23/2015