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  PrintableCal  -  Version  2019.03

PrintableCal is an add-in for Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. It creates printable calendars with data from a wide variety of sources: - Exchange Server - Facebook birthdays and upcoming events - Google Calendar events and task lists - Holidays, sports, and more - - Remember the Milk - Todoist - Toodledo - Yahoo! Calendar - iCalendar files and URLs - iCloud - CSV and Excel files - Outlook appointments and tasks - VueMinder PrintableCal provides many calendar templates in a variety of template layouts. The templates support word-wrap and can dynamically adjust their size based on the number of events. The following template layouts are included: - Agenda - 1 day/page - 1 day/page with a task list - 1 day/page with time slot columns - 1 day/page with a week grid - 1 day/page with calendars in separate columns - 4 days/page - Days as rows and calendars as columns - Form letter - Gantt Chart - 1 month/page - 2 months/page - 6 months/page - 12 months/page - Multiple months as columns - Multiple months as rows - 1 month spanning a variable number of pages - 1 month/page showing weekdays only - 1 week/page as grid - 1 week/page as columns - 1 week/page as columns showing weekdays only - 2 weeks/page as grid - 2 weeks/page as columns - Multiple weeks as rows - 1 year/page - Year photo calendar The calendar templates can also be easily customized. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, then you already know how to personalize PrintableCal's templates with different layouts, colors, pictures, logos, contact information - the possibilities are endless. Customized templates can be re-used again and again. They can also be exported and shared. Besides adding the ability to generate printable calendars, PrintableCal can also be used for inserting dates, mini-month calendars, and color-coded calendar or category legends.

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