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 Internet and Network Tools - Information Tickers - Stock and News Tickers

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Medved QuoteTracker 3.5.7b 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  December 12, 2004  

Get FREE streaming real-Time quotes, streaming real-time charts w/Tech Indicators, Time & Sales, Level II, alerts, news monitoring, Portfolio Tracking...

swen 0.4 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  December 07, 2004  

The real newsticker

RollingHeads 1.01beta 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  29.95  | Last Update:  July 19, 2004  

Effortlessly read news from thousands of web sources.

Cyber News 1.70 
License:  Freeware  | Price:  39.95  | Last Update:  July 22, 2003  

Read Thousands of Most Important or Interesting News Everyday by CyberNews

World Pagan News Desktop Ticker 1.0.3 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  March 13, 2003  

Auto-updates with the latest World Pagan News Headlines.

Micro-News 1.2 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  November 30, 2002  

Starts the Micro-News news portal service which includes news, tools, and info.

News Ticker Application Bar 1.12 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  19.95  | Last Update:  November 27, 2002  

View news headlines scroll across your screen

WorldFlash News Ticker 3.1 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  39.95  | Last Update:  October 14, 2002  

Display scrolling news headlines, stocks, sports scores, weather-- low bandwidth

Infoband 2.2 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  5.31  | Last Update:  September 30, 2002  

An easy way for office and helpdesk messaging in local area network and internet

A.I.Studio WatzNew 1.9.5 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  25  | Last Update:  September 16, 2002  

Tracks web site updates and forum postings.

Personal Stock Monitor 5.1.4 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  29.95  | Last Update:  January 22, 2002  

Continuous live financial quotes, news and headlines on your desktop!

NeuroStock 2.032 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  50  | Last Update:  June 21, 2001  

A Neural Based Stock Trading Expert System. It learns a stock trading pattern from historical data, learns the relations between the stock and oth...

CoolTick 6.1 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  June 20, 2001  

Free, small, easy and unobtrusive scrolling stock ticker.

Novobot 1.3 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  24.95  | Last Update:  September 29, 2000  

A smart extensible web news headline grabber for HTML and XML content.

Multi-Stock Browser 2.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  15  | Last Update:  August 04, 2000  

Monitors unlimited number of stocks

News Rover Usenet Newsreader 5.4 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  9.95  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A powerful, Usenet newsreader. You can browse newsgroups interactively, let "Autoscan" run unattended, or use the built-in MP3 and file attachment sea...

WinStock 1.18.3 
License:  Shareware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Will track selected stocks for you. It also includes portfolio management and Quicken import/export as well as: printed reports, support for 14 differ...

MetaFix 3.4 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  5  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Lets you quickly view, navigate and edit financial data stored in MetaStock / CompuTrac data format. You can edit individual quotes, adjust data scali...

Novobot 1.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  9.95  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Headline viewer capable of processing not only XML content, but almost any webpage with headline news. Retrieves user-selected sites in the background...

Headline Viewer 0.9.2 
License:  Shareware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Displays syndicated news headlines from over 950 sources in a clean and organized fashion. Use Headline Viewer as a browser accessory, and scan headli...

Fireworks Spectacular 3.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  7  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Stock Tracker is a complete database application to track all your stock transactions ! Perfect for keeping records of Buy and Sell, Gains and Losses ...

OmniViewer 1.01 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  5  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

OmniViewer retrieves headlines and other information from YOUR choice of websites and displays it in horizontal or vertical scrolling tickers. Because...

Slim Ticker 2.10 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  5  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Slim Ticker is a stock ticker for the investor who hates reloading their browser every 15 seconds to get current stock quotes. It allows two different...

DISCo WatchMan News Alert 1.0 
License:  Shareware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Intended to monitor contents of e-mail boxes, frequently visiting or favorite pages for changes and to notify users about them automatically. The only...

Easy Online 2.2 
License:  Shareware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Created for those who want easy Internet access to some of the most interesting features the Internet has to offer today. BiggieBoy Software has inclu...

WebTicker 3.01 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  8  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A 32-bit Internet application that automatically retrieves text content from Web sites of your choice and displays it in a movable ticker that scrolls...

Gann Suite 1.1.07 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  49  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Was one of the greatest market traders of the 20th century with his ability to forecast market movements with uncanny accuracy. Gann Suite was designe...

TradeLogic Financial Suite 4.10 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  9  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Automatic Internet retrieval of stock quotes, news headlines and new stories from free and subscription Internet services. Includes quote, chart, tick...

QuotesNow! 2.01 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  9.95  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

The package accesses many free quote serverson the internet to bring you quotes on stocks,options, mutual funds, intraday graphs, closing graphs,news ...

WinStock Pro 2.2.2 
License:  Shareware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A stock tracking program that provides 15-minute delayed quotes on stocks, mutual funds, money market funds, options, non-US exchanges, bonds and comm...

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