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 Shell and Desktop Tools - Screen Savers - Screen Saver Hotspot Tools

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Free Keylogger Mac 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  45  | Last Update:  May 18, 2013  

Best of Free Keylogger Mac software tracks typed keystrokes details by user

Magic Screensaver Master 2.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  12.99  | Last Update:  November 29, 2004  

Manage your screensaver behaviour with moving your mouse on the desktop.

Super Screensaver Builder 3.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  19.95  | Last Update:  April 23, 2003  

A powerful tool to create, compile and distribute screen savers

NookNak 2.2.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  10  | Last Update:  September 27, 2002  

Do more with your mouse - like quickly muting music - hiding confidential info.

Hot Corners 1.92 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  11.99  | Last Update:  August 22, 2002  

Hot Corners lets you quickly activate or disable your screen saver.

SaveAble! 1.38 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  15  | Last Update:  January 23, 2002  

Screen saver hotspots to disable or enable the screen saver at any time. Now with a built in pause facility to reduce the number of times you acci...

AAA Dream Screensaver Maker 1.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  35  | Last Update:  January 08, 2002  

Create screensaver with pictures and music.

Services Monitoring Screen Saver 1.0.1 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  January 11, 2001  

Monitor local and remote services status in realtime.

Doc.Em 1.13 
License:  Shareware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Places up to two active areas in different corners of your screen. One can immediately activate your currently selected screen saver, the other can te...

Sanity Check for Your Screen 1.0 
License:  Shareware  | Price:  5  | Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A screen saver management utility and 7 screen savers. Features include hot corners, hot keys, Energy Star settings, and the ability to put screen sav...

CT HotSpot98 1.0 
License:  Shareware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A small utility with which you can create 2 hotspots - 1 to turn your screensaver on, and the other to turn it off. This can be quite useful when down...

Go!Saver 1.02 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

A small application which launch in TrayBar and which make to launch the screensaver at all times....

HotSpot 1.5 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Simple and small app to enable or disable the screen saver. Move your cursor to the top left corner of the screen to disable the screen saver, or the ...

ScrHots 3.0 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Gives your screen "hot corners" which start the saver immediately, or never. Configure it from its page in the Display Properties dialog. Also, option...

Acez Jump Start Screen Saver 1.0 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Have you ever left your computer while your screen saver did not activate, exposing your personal information? Do you have information that you want t...

kwikLock 1.0 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Gives you an icon in the system tray, enabling you to quickly turn on the default screen saver....

Screen Saver Control Center 1.00 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

The Screen Saver Control Center lets you take full control over your Windows Screen Saver. It gives you the power to start or prevent your Screen Save...

Lockup for Windows 95 1.50 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

This program enable you to start a selected screen saver with a simple click in the taskbar tray. It can start the screen saver when Windows95 start....

ISSHS - Instant Screen Saver Hot Spot 01.01 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

This is a simple free program that will add an icon to the system tray to enable your screen saver at any time you wish. You only have to park your mo...

Screen Saver Control 1.1 
License:  Freeware  |     Last Update:  July 09, 2000  

Adds an icon to the System Tray to manually launch the screen saver or disable its automatic activation. Now supports command-line switches for unatte...

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