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 Games - Lotto Number Generators


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 NO.1 Lottery Software Ultimate 2013  -  Version

NO.1 Lottery Software Ultimate is the best lotto lottery software program to play the lotto-type lottery with control. NO.1 Lottery Software have strong analysis tool, filtering tool and wheeling tool to helps you winning the lottery.

This lottery system supports analysis methods: Base, Drawings Distrbuting, Drawings, Hot-Cold, Odd-Even, Low-High, Successive, Sum, Distance, Range, AC, Diveded, Multiple, Locked Number, Prior Drawings, Units Number, Lotto Number Hits.

NO.1 Lottery Software supoorted base filtering methods: 1. Odd Count 2. Even Count 3. Hight Count 4. Low Count 5. Prime Count 6. Number Sum 7. Average Value 8. Unit Number Sum 9. Unit Number Different Number Count 10. Successiv 11. Successiv Groups 12. Odd Successiv 13. Even Successiv 14. Minimum Number 15. Maximum Number 16. First-Last Distance 17. Max Distance 18. Average Distance 19. Different Distance 20. AC 21. Same Last Drawn 22. Sum Value Even Odd 23. Unit Number Group Count 24. Decade Group Count 25. Different Decade Count 26. Same End Units with Last Drawn 27. High Units Count 28. Odd Units Count 29. Lowest 4 Units Count 30. Successive Paired Units Count 31 Pairs Count Odd and Even Units 32. InterChangeable Units Count 33. Count for 1 2 3 Units 34. Even Units Count 35. Pairs Count Even Units Only 36. Pairs Count for 1 2 3 Units 37. Successive End Units 38. Pairs Count Odd units Only 39. Units (0) Number Count 40. Units (1 Number Count 41. Units (2) Number Count 42. Units (3) Number Count 43. Units (4) Number Count 44. Units (5) Number Count 45. Units (6) Number Count 46. Units (7) Number Count 47. Units (8) Number Count 48. Units (9) Number Count 49. Root Sum 50. First and Second Unit Sum ect..

Supported countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, TurKey, Hong Kong, India and Brazil ect..

Program Details
Publisher Name NO.1 Lottery Software Team
Publisher Mail Click here to send a mail to the publisher
Software Home Page
Platforms Windows MEWindows NT 3.xWindows NT 4.xWindows XP
File Size 10008 KB
File Date 5/20/2013
License Shareware
Price $119
Expires On
Expires After 7
Other Expiration Info
Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 5/28/2013