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 Rank Tracker Professional  -  Version  8.26.2

Have you always wanted to simply push the button and see where you rank in all those search engines?
Now you can! Grab Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant.Com and track ANY rankings in ANY search engines from ANY country at ANY time at ease!
Whats ANY rankings? These are:
- Regular search engine rankings;
- Multiple pages of a site that rank at different positions for the same term;
- Universal Search rankings (in Images, Videos, News, Shopping, Places, and more).
Whats ANY search engines? These are:
- All major search engines and their regional varieties (, Bing FR, etc.);
- Country-specific and exotic search engines (Baidu, Naver, Seznam, etc.);
- User-requested search engines (can be requested via the SEO tool or on the providers website).
How come you can do it as if from ANY country?
- Rank Tracker supports Googles gl parameter, which makes your queries appear as though coming from various locations;
- It has a built-in proxy manager, which allows you to tweak your geolocation settings by switching between different proxies.
Can I really do it at ANY time? Yes, you can!
- The built-in scheduler lets you schedule tasks at any time you need.
- Advanced search safety feature ensure SEO softwares smooth, uninterrupted operation.
So, what are you waiting for? Tap into Rank Trackers unlimited capabilities get the FREE version today!
*Rank Tracker - free for all - priceless to those who understand*

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Software Home Page
Platforms Windows 2000Windows XP
File Size 269363 KB
File Date 6/12/2018
License Shareware
Price $124.75
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Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 12/14/2018