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 SpeedySloth  -  Version  1.3.xx

SpeedySloth - the popup drag-n-drop fast formfiller.
The purpose of creation of the program was the desire
to speed up i.e. to simplify the process of filling by
the user of various forms in InterNet.

Copying of the necessary text lines (names, addresses,
descriptions...) through a clipboard - occupation
standard, but tiresome at multiple filling one-type
forms. Besides
frequently it is required to enter the multiline text
into forms: descriptions of programs, web-sites...
Therefore on your court SpeedySloth program which
conveniently will allow to manipulate texts which you
frequently use is offered. The program combines a
notebook and some original algorithms of operation with
the text written in it.

Possibilities :
- add\delete in a notebook of sheets (lists);
- add\delete one-line and multiline recordings
in every list, such as: names, addresses, e-mail, URLs,
- the main window of the program is called in
several ways:

1) Standard variant: from an icon in system
tray (near clock);
2) Original variant: pressing (and holding
about 0.5 sec) of the left mouse button on necessary
for an insert textbox.
- after call of the program window choice of the
text for an insert is made too by several variants:

1) Left click of the mouse on the necessary
2) Dragging the text in the necessary place
with application drag-n-drop technologies also is
- right click on the text calls its processing
by the program associated with the text, i.e. if the
text is a e-mail address - start the mailer, if the
text is a URL
(InterNet-address) is started a browser, etc.
- max list quantity is 3 (in reg version >32000);
- max textbox per list quantity is 7 (in reg version >

Program Details
Publisher Name RadioAm Ltd.
Publisher Mail Click here to send a mail to the publisher
Software Home Page
Platforms Windows 95/98/NT
File Size 220 KB
File Date 2/11/2000
License Shareware
Price $9
Expires On
Expires After 0
Other Expiration Info
Install/Uninstall Support Install & Uninstall
Record Update 11/9/2000